Our Solution

PaperTracer lets you easily integrate paper and electronic files to create a searchable document management database.

How it works

How it works diagram of PaperTracer

Prepare Setup your workflows, data and users for quick integration into the system.

  • Configure templates
  • Import Record data
  • Add records and documents
  • Archive old data
  • Create sub detail data using customizable fields

Capture Use the different ways to store, migrate and search your data.

  • Scan new documents, integrated into the system
  • Run Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to search on document content
  • Upload or Drag and Drop files
  • Version Control enabled for all of your files
  • Continually add reoccurring entries for records
  • Redlining/Track Changes in Word to collaborate with review changes

ManageEffective management of your workflow, data and users.

  • Customizable workflow definitions without any programmer knowledge
  • Scalable for all of your workflow needs
  • Easy and powerful search options
  • Your documents may have any number of attached relevant documents

Workflow Efficient automation of business processes and document management to increase your productivity.

  • Processes are simplified, automated and configured to your organization’s best practices
  • Schedule driven through notifications and reminder alerts
  • Prompt for action or feedback from others
  • 24/7 access from anywhere

DistributeCollaboration within the team from anywhere and anytime.

  • Route to other users to gather their approval or comments
  • Simple or complex route system allows you to customize to fit your requirements
  • Review record changes and updates
  • Configurable system-generated and user-initiated e-mail notifications
  • Prompt for action on stale routing Items
  • Assign delegates to take action on routing processes
  • Setup route as per the required order to get approvals or comments

E-Signature Collaborative, cost effective and expedite way of getting the e-signature from internal and external users.

  • Request electronic signatures on PDF documents to system users or external signatories such as third-party vendors
  • Request Signature from Multiple Recipients
  • Redirect Signature Requests to other users
  • The E-Signature module is an in-house implementation without any additional fees or downloads

Securely CollaborateSecurity features to help keep your data safe and manage users.

  • Application is deployed in the secure Peak10 data center or in Microsoft’s secure Azure cloud
  • Both deployment options have world-class security protections in place with multiple compliances attained, such as HIPAA
  • Secure 2048-bit encrypted access for traditional Windows devices
  • User management for system users, external users, and external signatories
  • Full audit trail logs which record every action which occurs at the record and document level
  • Tailor user management security to your needs, either simple or complex, across up to five layers of security
  • External users may be configured for highly restricted, explicitly granted access to record data for view or edit

ReportAnalyze everything in one place to help business decisions.

  • Create unlimited custom reports
  • Non-graphical dashboard reports for quick access to high-level views of your data
  • Save personal report views or share reports with others
  • Run saved reports on a schedule to keep up to date with system-generated notifications
  • Export to Excel, TIFF, CSV, PDF, Rich Text, and more


Whether you are a global enterprise or a small law firm looking to automate contract management, PaperTracer solves your workflow problems today and scales with you as you grow.
PaperTracer Express

Pre-defined workflows and up to 10 users

Automate your workflows quickly with templates based on industry best practices. Our generic templates are designed specifically for small and medium enterprises. Industry templates are developed based on our experience with enterprise clients. We designed them specifically to deliver value in the SMB marketplace. You can select one or more templates to meet your workflow solution needs. In case of additional workflow needs please contact us.

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PaperTracer Enterprise

Customized Workflows

Automate your workflows from our template library or we can help you customize templates specific to your business requirements. Our consulting process includes confirming your workflows based on our experience of business process management, and solution optimization based on best practices. Our deployment structure accommodates global business and regulatory requirements.

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