PaperTracer Introduces PaperTracer Express

Jacksonville, FL; April 14, 2016 — PaperTracer is pleased to announce the addition of PaperTracer Express, an expansion of our enterprise document and business workflow management solution, which is designed to meet the needs and resources of small businesses.

PaperTracer Express

Small businesses may choose from a list of predesigned templates that have been configured and refined from years of industry best practices. Each selected workflow template comes integrated with the ability to perform unlimited E-Signature requests for easy collaboration. An optional OCR integration further grants the ability to perform full-text searches across all scanned PDF documents.

The below workflows are available for automated access to documents under a centralized secure cloud from anywhere at any time.

Employee Onboarding Management

Workflow Employee Onboarding Management Video Learn More

Vendor Account Management

Workflow Vendor Account Management Video Learn More

End to End Contract Management

Vendor Account Management Learn More

Asset Management

Vendor Account Management Learn More

Law Office Management

Vendor Account ManagementLearn More

Small businesses now have an affordable way to increase efficiency and collaboration to enhance productivity. In case of additional workflow needs please feel free to contact us.

With three simple steps you are able to integrate PaperTracer Express for your business processes at New users can take advantage of a free trial for the first 30 days.